Getting to Know Squishies

If you are a fan of anything Japanese, chances are you have heard about squishies in the past. Five or six years ago, these were niche products that only the hard core fans of Japanese culture know. Today they have become trendy and it’s being bought by the masses. These are special kind of squeeze toys. They are not however the same as the western squeeze ball. These toys have various faces and they are kawaii which is the Japanese word for cute. There are even squishies that look like food, and the imitation is something that you will find believable.

There are three companies that produce squishies, namely Sanrio, San-X, and RE-MENT and Breadou.

San-X and Sanrio squishies have different sizes and shapes. Such companies own world-renowned characters Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and other cute animals. Most of the fans of kawaii love these items and collect them.

On the other RE-MENT and Breadou come up with squishy charms. The squishies of Breadou are unique since they look like bread even if they are intended to become turtles or what have you. Breadous are very famous and most people look for them due to their scent which is like a freshly baked bread. That’s why such squishies are boutique material and they are also more expensive.

RE-MENT squishies have a variety of models. There are some that are Hello Kitty while some others have popular character charms. There are also those that look like traditional Japanese dolls. Since they are highly popular, they are expensive too.

It’s a good thing to know that squishies are fast becoming a huge toy craze in the US today. This is according to the many toy store owners that had been interviewed by New York Times and New York Magazine. They are being marketed same as fidget spinners as something that can relieve stress and anxiety. Experts said that squishies may become a full-blown trend anytime soon but they’re not burning off nervous energy and anxiety. What they do is ease our sense of loneliness in an area of the body that is deprived by touch.

What they are meant to be felt like the soft and fluffy Japanese bread. People have liked it. This is why Breadou manufactures nothing but the bread squishies. Unfortunately, there are several companies that copied their style and came up with loaves, toasts, baguettes, croissants, and even melon bread shells. Other styles of squishes are found in WSHC.