How to Have a Furry Persona or Fursona


The furry fandom oftentimes creates a representation of their own displayed as an animal with human characteristics. For some, this character serves as their alter ego of them combined with that of some species of animal. Creating your own alter ego can be a daunting task especially for newcomers. Let us look at some ways on how to help you create your very own furry persona that you can relate with.

It should be noted that you will not be finding any shortage of character reference you can use as basis for your own furry persona. This is quite apparent as there are plenty of famous characters that have made an impact in the industry. Among the list includes popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. You can use their likeness as reference for the fursona that you will be creating. Of course, you will want it to be original so avoid copying too much of their personality and looks.

Once you’ve got a basis on what character you want to create, you will need to choose a particular species for your persona to be. The list is vast and expansive as there are plenty of animals out there including reptiles of all kinds, avians, amphibians, horses, goats, skunks, and thousands of other species. Others mix animals together or use a fantasy creature such as a unicorn, or even make up their own. The beauty of furry fandom is that these creations are all welcome making each and every one of the furry persona unique.


The next step is to think of a design for your furry persona. This includes adding the color and perhaps some markings on it. Some fans love adding tattoos, piercings, feathers or scales and even an extra tails, some may even incorporate it with other activities (how to use a butt plug). Others prefer to have them clothed while some prefer them bare. Name plays a very important role with your fursona so make sure that you provide them with a unique name. Some fans were able to find success by mixing and matching different words together.

Finding someone who has the same name with your fursona can be pretty awkward but don’t fret especially since the personality is what makes your character unique. However, if you do feel intimidated to have the same name as others, then don’t hesitate to find a new name that fits your character. Create your very own fursona today!