New up-and-coming Gospel songwriter and recording artist Mister ATL is setting forth to change the face of Holy Hip Hop in the music industry one soul at a time. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia Henry Davies Jr better known by his stage name Mister ATL made the transition from secular music to gospel after deciding to add more positivity into his music. “The change wasn’t easy, I still had to grow not only as an artist but as a Christian as well” said Mister ATL. Being raised in the church Mister ATL always had a passion for ministry, but didn’t realize it until his image was questioned because he did not display the typical look of a Christian artist. “I knew that GOD didn’t want to change my outer appearance, but change the message within my music. A lot of times at performances they would introduce me as a Gospel artist and people would tend to focus on how I looked until I opened my mouth and then they realized I had a gift” said Mister ATL.

After deciding not to compromise to the industry standards, Mister ATL devoted his craft to make music that could be relatable to all individuals and not just people in the church. “I know that GOD is a GOD of all people and not just certain groups, so I make music that can reach a world wide audience” expressed ATL. Mister ATL does not consider himself a typical Christian rapper, but does not mind the category of his genre. “I had to battle with the decision of weather or not to call myself a holy hip hop artist or just a hip hop artist. Though I soon realized that it doesn’t matter the title of an artist because the music and message speaks for itself” replied Mister ATL. Mister ATL credits motivational people in his life for helping influence him on the journey as a Gospel artist. “Its not easy being a Christian in this world let alone in the music industry but, people like my Wife, family and friends help keep me grounded. Being an independent artist you really need that type of support system to stay motivated” expressed Mister ATL.

Mister ATL is set to release his debut Gospel single entitled ‘No Wed No Bed” on June 30th, featuring Grammy Award wining artist Tasha Catour and produced by Lamar L. “ I’m very excited about the project ,I feel that my song and project will bring a new sound and outlook to the Gospel industry as a whole” said Mister ATL.

For more information on Mister ATL including music and booking visit his website

www.misteratlmusic.com and follow him in Twitter/Misteratl, Instagram/Realmisteratl and on Facebook/Mister ATL Music.

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