• ASU Stillman

    Hornets Move Past Stillman 30-27

    Sunday, November 23, 2014

      Content from ASU www.bamastatesports.com Alabama State experienced a thrilling 30-27 win over Stillman in the 91st edition of the Turkey Day Classic. “Today was a really fun day, a beautiful day for football and with it being our Homecoming our fans were here and our guys came out with good energy and wanted to [...]

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  • how-to-style-a-winter-coat-hello-beautiful

    5 Ways to Bundle Up with Style During the Winter Season

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    Here are the top 5 ways to bundle up with style during the cold winter seasons. By: Niki Accessorize your look with style. Add some pops of color to your dark winter wardrobe. Those hats, scarfs and gloves do not necessarily have to be black.  Try white, red or even yellow to brighten up those [...]

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  • o-YOUTH-FOOTBALL-facebook

    The Pros and Cons to Letting Your Child Play Football

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    You’re a huge football fan. Sundays are spent parked in front of the TV watching crushing blow after crushing blow without really thinking about the concussion or other injury risks for the players, except as it pertains to your fantasy team. But what do you do when your son or daughter says they want to [...]

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  • tipping_000005693422

    Is Tipping a Dollar Becoming Dead?

    Monday, November 10, 2014

    Dear Moneyologist, This is a First World problem, but I hope you can help. I am a relatively generous man and like to show my appreciation for good service to staff in restaurants, parking valets, doormen and bartenders, but I am increasingly uncomfortable with giving them a $1 tip. The dollar bill used to be [...]

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  • welcome-to-alabama

    Alabama Ranked No.2 as the State With the Worst Quality

    Friday, November 7, 2014

    > Employment rate: 62.7% (5th lowest) > Household disposable income per capita: $25,584 (10th lowest) > Homicide rate: 6.4 per 100,000 (8th highest) > Voter turnout: 61.9% (tied-22nd lowest) Alabama was one of just a few states to adopt additional requirements for voter registration earlier this year, and these requirements’ impact on voter turnout remains [...]

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  • pro

    Stop Procrastination for Good with These 10 Tips

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014

      Stop Waiting Until Tomorrow We’ve all been there. Sometimes you find your to-do list so full of endless tasks that you can’t will yourself to do…anything. Or maybe you have a looming project (with an equally looming deadline) so big you have no idea where to start.But, putting things off isn’t just unproductive and [...]

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  • inMMGroup inMontgomery Customer Appreciation

    inMMGroup’s Customer Appreciation Recap

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    inMMGroup (publisher of www.inMontgomery.us: Montgomery’s LEADING digital publication) hosted their customer appreciation event on the rooftop/poolside of the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Montgomery. Over 150 of Montgomery’s finest attended…such as Judge Calvin Williams and Chief Derrick Cunningham. “We appreciate how the citizens of Montgomery have accepted the way we are keeping them inform of information [...]

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  • tallshortheadcutoff_845255_large

    Interesting Study on Short vs. Tall Men

    Monday, October 27, 2014

    Research has shown time and again that being tall offers rewards way beyond the satisfaction of dunking a basketball or reaching the highest shelf in the cupboard. You may have read the study, for example, that found that tall people (especially men) earn more money, get more respect, and amass higher status than short people. [...]

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  • Cricket Wireless inMontgomery

    Cricket Wireless Supports BrewTech High School

    Saturday, October 25, 2014

    Cricket Wireless, a NEW mobile service company in the Montgomery area, took advantage of a beautiful day with LIVE music, barbecue, snow cones, games and giveaways…all while giving back to the BrewTech Magnet Robotic Program (part of the Montgomery County School System MPS). This event took place at the 61 W. Fairview location. Cricket Wireless [...]

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  • 2015_cadillac_ats

    American Airlines Partners with Cadillac to Offer Skymiles to Test Drivers

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    Thanks to a new partnership with American Airlines, Cadillac will offer a luxury airport transfer service for top-tier fliers in airports around the country. For its part of the deal, American will give out frequent flier miles to customers who test drive a Cadillac. A Cadillac CTS, SRX, or Escalade will shuttle fliers with tight transfer times to [...]

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In Life, You Only Need Three Friends

According to Oxford University anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who has studied human relationships in societies from the Stone Age to Facebook, most people are capable of maintaining stable relations with about 150 others. Within that 150 – a figure now known as Dunbar’s number – Dunbar has identified smaller concentric “circles of intimacy.” Healthy people, he says, maintain a [...]

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How Sex Lives Are Ruined by Porn

Overexposure to pornography may actually be turning people off. Pornography is so easily and readily accessible that people are becoming desensitized — in the bedroom. A growing number of people who check out Internet pornography are reporting issues of sexual dysfunction, according to Psychology Today. Some of those issues include: not being turned on by their [...]

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Realtor Jimmy Harris; River Region’s Hardest Working Agent

Written by Anika Taylor Born in New York and now residing in Montgomery, AL, Jimmy Harris was inspired by his 3 children to begin work in the real-estate business. As a single parent he wanted to go above and beyond to support his children. With a background in finance and accounting, Harris decided to put [...]

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Boy and girl by blackboard

A New Study Finds That Girls Do Better Than Boys in School at All Ages

It may come as no surprise to teachers, but girls do better than boys in school, a new study finds. What may be a surprise is that this holds true at all ages, in all subjects including math and science and around the world, the American Psychological Association analysis found.  And contrary to common wisdom that girls [...]

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Montgomery Wins Best Historic City Contest

Montgomery, Alabama was selected as the Best Historic City in the nation, according to results from the 10 Best Readers’ Choice contest released today by USA Today Travel. “This is great news for our city, a place with immense history and the setting for some of the most seminal moments in our nation’s history – [...]

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NEW YORK — Issuing about the strongest rebuke that he could, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life Tuesday for making racist comments in a recorded conversation, the first step toward forcing a sale of the club and permanently removing Sterling from the league. Silver also fined Sterling $2.5 million, and [...]

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10 Things You Said That He’ll Never Forget

These seemingly innocent phrases still have the power to wound… big time.   About someone else “She didn’t, but now that’s all I can think about,” says Charles S., 42.“I’ve never skinny-dipped with her, and she’s my wife! I wonder what other wild things she and her ex got up to that I’ve never heard [...]

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christina dahl 2

Montgomery R&B Singer, Christina Dahl, Prepares for Summer Album Release

Living off of her passion for music and loving her newly found identity, R&B singer Christina Dahl is far from counting opinions. Once a shy little girl originally from Kingston, Jamaica and now residing in Montgomery, AL,  Christina is ready to show the world she’s no longer holding back her entertaining, honest, and free-spirited personality. [...]

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Top 10 Complaints from Husbands That Are Unhappy

…and how you can attack the issues together. Lack of appreciation The expert says: Whether you work in an office, run a household, or some combination of the two, you’re both likely frustrated with your heaping plates of responsibility. And although it’s a natural reaction, piling on more the second your partner walks through the [...]

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Reports of Injuries from E-Cigarette Rise As They Become More Popular

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Complaints of injury linked to e-cigarettes, from burns and nicotine toxicity to respiratory and cardiovascular problems, have jumped over the past year as the devices become more popular, the most recent U.S. data show. Between March 2013 and March 2014, more than 50 complaints about e-cigarettes were filed with the U.S. Food [...]

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odd ball

Study Shows How Being Odd is Actually Attractive

A new study on attraction may help explain why fashions change. Looking the odd one out may seem like a recipe for mating disaster, but it could make you more attractive to the opposite sex. So said a study Wednesday which may also explain why fashions change. Researchers in Australia used beards to test a theory that [...]

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Angela Cobb

DayDreams 2014 Finale

DayDreams, Montgomery’s PREMIERE Day Time monthly series came to an end this past Sunday. The event consisted of LIVE entertainment by Souled Out Band, Montgomery Bad Boyz DJ’s (DJ Triple D, DJ Boosie and Cet Ki) and DJ WHO? The concept this month…a Block Party on Montgomery Street in partnership with 50/50 Bar & Grill. [...]


Here’s What Air Travelers Should Know About Ebola

How do West African airports screen passengers for Ebola? Is it effective? Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are the three West African countries hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “relatively few of the approximately 350 million travelers who enter the United States each year come [...]

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