Pet Grave Markers: Videos…. Make Memories Alive


Grave is such a word that carries both sadness and memories. Losing our beloved pet is always an emotional aspect. This emotional side of us brings the faith in humanity. It shows that love isn’t bound to anything. It shows that love can break boundaries and teach anyone. Just like we love a person close to us, in same way, we can also love an animal. And this is why; the death of it brings such sadness. Losing someone that we have emotional connection to, always brings hard times, but when it’s an entity that can’t speak or relate to our world in great manner, the loss is even more devastating. Because when the entity can express itself, it somewhat makes up for it. But an animal will show love by actions rather than words and that’s why, it’s such a pure feeling that we can nothing but appreciate

But nothing lasts forever and death comes to us all. With death, it brings a pause in our life where we lose something/someone that was precious to us. It’s not only about the presence but the feelings that comes with it that matters. And after losing it, we want to show respect, giving a tribute to the deceased so that he/she may find peace in eternity.

…. And this is where Loving companion memorials comes in. Via it, we can show respect and tribute to the deceased which is no longer with us. It enables us to have a peace of mind, and also makes us remember about where we came from.


Every moment counts. And videos, nothing can be better than them. With pictures and videos, the memory becomes alive where even in our unconscious mind, it brings a smile. It is not just a video any more but the way through which, our memories could be shared by us or others. It holds a greater importance than any other aspect as this is the only way where we can actually watch the past moments right in front of our eyes. It’s not a still; rather, a recollection of the past in which, all the memories is running which also makes us emotional. And hence, which is why, it’s a perfect way to show and give tribute to our beloved pet.

Via this, it’s like they were given birth once again and crossing the barrier between life and death, they are with us, where they are running, jumping, loving once again. It’s like, the moments were never lost. And it is with us in every aspect of life.


Excluding headstone or pictures, which could reflect just a moment; it has the potential to carry a whole event where it has its own moments. Along with us, it makes a perfect combination to cherish for. And we can do nothing but appreciate it when we lose them. Once which was just a casual moment for us, becomes a precious gem later. This is how  these pictures and videos carry meaning for us.